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Roll Stock


  • Single-wound, Centerfold, and Tubing

  • Top-quality film to run on automatic equipment: vertical/horizonal baggers, form fill & seal andL-bar sealer applications

  • Shrink bundling film

  • Custom resin blending

  • Postal-approved T-3204 film

  • LDPE, polypropylene, and specialty films

  • In-line printing in one or two colors




  • Sideweld, Tubing, Cast Prop, and Combo bags

  • Plain and printed

  • Standard zipper closures, tamper-evident closures, and tape closures

  • Reinforced headers

  • Hot-needle fused bundling

  • Wickets, staple packs

  • Side and bottom gussets

  • Double lips, flip tops, die cut handles

  • Punch and die cuts available

  • Bags and sheets perforated on a roll




  • Printing up to eight colors

  • Ability to print a wide variety of flexible films

  • Process print and reverse print

  • State-of-the-art bar code verification

  • Water-based and solvent-based inks

  • In-house ink technician

  • Micro-dot mounting

  • In-house platemaking capability, including photopolymer and rubber

  • Sleeves for continuous, non-seamed printing

  • Prototypes and mockups for marketing

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