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Art Requirements

Supplied Electronic Art


Art Preferred:

Adobe Illustrator CS6 or CC with fonts outlined. Original photoshop images MUST be supplied even if they are embedded. 

Also Acceptable: Postscript, 1-Bit TIFF, LEN Esko, Adobe InDesign, ArtPro, or Hi-Res PDF. 

Max Colors:

8 (Including White), Screens and solids must be on separate plates unless pre-approved for combo. 

  • Preferred Trap: .015"                                                     

  • White Cut Back: .30"                                                   

  • Minimum Positive Type: 6Pt.                                         

  • Minimum Positive Rule: .010                                         

  • Color Pull Back: .005

  • Minimum Trap: .009

  • Minimum Dot: 2% / Maximum Dot 98%

  • Minimum Reverse Type: 8 Pt. Bold

  • Minimum Reverse Rule: .020

  • Bleed Amount: .125"

UPC Codes:

  • 90% Minimum, bars must print in machine direction for Buckeye Packaging to guarantee scan 

  • UPC Bar Width Reduction: .004"

Screen Specifications:

  • Areas that have the screen drop off are to have a .003 rule to eliminate the saw tooth edges

  • Screen Ruling: CMYK up to 120 LPI

  • Gradation: 20-98% Note that a full gradation of 20% to 98% in a small area will cause banding when printed


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